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Music That Moves People
After 30 years making music I'm still as inspired as ever by original and meaningful songs. Lyrically I love songs that speak to the depth of human experience: the challenges and the triumphs we all face both on a personal level and as the human race. I have worked with a lot of artists that write with socio-political messages about freedom, environmental sustainability, equality and the abuse of power. I also work with a lot of artists who connect deeply and honestly with their personal experiences and write in a way that moves people emotionally. I value both and perhaps ultimately they're the same thing.

Pushing Boundaries
Musically I love great melodies and interesting and evocative harmonic structure. I want the records I am involved with to reach the largest audience possible and I also want them to be unique and to  push the boundaries of creativity. I always strive for great musicianship and singing, infectious groove and feel, sonic clarity and originality.

Musical Depth and Experience
I am a multi-instrumentalist as well as an engineer, playing bass, guitar and keyboards. I sometimes play on the music I am producing and where needed I have co-written too. I also love to score for orchestra and have provided arrangements for strings, brass, woodwind and choir where needed on a lot of records over the years.

Artist Centred
I bring to the table a huge amount of experience. But rather than expecting artists to record in a particular way, instead I utilize the best recording techniques to fully realize the artist's vision. I have done records live off the floor, or painstakingly overdubbed one part at a time. I have worked entirely organically and electronically, analogue and digital. And have fused all these with great results. There are so many great tools and there is no right or wrong way, other than what sounds good is good!

The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts
I am also a believer in team work. There's nothing better than when that collective creative energy starts to flow. I am easy going by nature, but I have high standards. I seek to encourage musicians, artists and studio staff to push themselves and do the best work they are capable of. And I push myself too. I never quit. I always do whatever it takes to make the best music possible and I think this is reflected in the number of artists that have chosen to work with me multiple times. I aim is to make records that are unique, commercially successful and move people deeply.

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